Dignity - Ability - Choice

West Mont Farm and Gardens

West Mont is proud to have owned and operated its Farm & Gardens since 1990. Although it has seen a couple of name changes, the care that we have provided our clients remains the same. In addition to being home to 7-adults with disabilities, the Farm also provides vocational training in an agricultural setting for 25- disabled adults with 3-commercial greenhouses, vegetable, flower, and pumpkin gardens, animal husbandry, a new group home, and a petting zoo. Once these plans come to fruition, it will be something that the whole Helena community will be able to enjoy.

West Mont Farm & Gardens is opened seasonally 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM, Monday – Friday. Call the Farm at 406-227-7565 for more information or West Mont’s Main Office 406-447-3100.