Dignity - Ability - Choice


Vocational Training/Employment

West Mont clients have their choice of a variety of meaningful employment options that provides them with a sense of accomplishment and gives them opportunity to earn a paycheck. Job options range from assisting them with finding work in the local community to a diverse selection of vocational programs and employment offered by West Mont.


West Mont operates four vocational training/employment centers located throughout Helena. Our vocational programs offer employment options that empower our clients while teaching them new job skills. These sites include West Mont Flower & Trading Company, Blaine Work Services, West Mont Farm & Gardens, and VASTT (Vision, Audio, Smell, Taste & Touch).


VASTT is a nontraditional program designed for clients that require extra attention. VASTT offers unique environments to help them develop their sensory skills and self-help skills such as personal grooming and basic household chores. Some commercial shredding is also done at this location.